Q&A: Tiffany Kunz

I had the opportunity to do a trade with LA jewelry designer Tiffany Kunz not too long ago. In aims of getting to "e-know" the cool ladies that I meet online, I like to ask them a few question for this journal. Please read Tiffany's answers below:

Quickly, where are you from & what do you do everyday?

I grew up in Mukilteo, WA and have lived in Los Angeles for 10 years now.  Everyday looks different and usually changes from what I think it will be but constants are snuggles with my pup, Pappy in the morning, then coffee with my husband, Bob.

Those are really the only things that will most likely for sure happen on a daily basis, then the rest of the day consists of a couple of the following: filling orders in my studio, running around downtown LA, office work, some designing if I'm lucky and then either seeing friends in the evening for drinks, or making dinner and watching a show with Bob.

How long have you been making Jewelry? How did you get started?

I've been making jewelry for about 12 years now.  My Grandmother was a jewelry designer so I believe she was the biggest influence and motivation in my interest of learning the trade.  

When I was about 23 I started visiting a bead shop in Bellingham, WA and teaching myself how to wire wrap earrings and necklaces.  It was such a fun hobby and I continued to make little pieces for friends and family for the next 3 years.  

Then when we moved to LA, Bob found a job on Craigslist for a jewelry company looking for production gals.  I applied and was thrilled to get it!  It was a wonderful introduction into the industry.  I worked with a couple of jewelry design companies in LA over the next year or so before going to school at the Gemological Institute to study and learn more about colored stones and diamonds.  Then in 2008 after I graduated I started my line.

What inspires the beautiful shapes of your jewelry?

So many different things inspire me, in the past a lot of shapes I would see in nature or around the city would rotate around in my head and then come out in a design.  Now I think more about what complements a women's face, hands, and neck and what is comfortable to wear on a daily basis.  Over the years my focus has shifted from wanting to create statement pieces to wanting to innovate and expand on classic ideas that are timeless and will be passed down to future generations. 

What music, movies, books or other influences have you been surrounding yourself with recently?

I've been reading a book on Wabi Sabi and interchanging that with "The Boys in the boat" and coloring in my new "Lost Ocean" coloring book.  I recently watched Annie Hall for the first time, Beasts of No Nation and a slew of Harry Potter movies over the Holidays.  As far as music goes I can't get enough of Os Mutantes and Twin shadow and old school Madonna (with a glass of bubbly) is a must for when I clean the house.

Lady question, what items do you always carry in your purse? 

Sunglasses, wallet, lip balm, hand lotion, Olo's Dark Wave perfume (my favorite!), a ridiculous number of receipts that I don't need, and red lipstick.

Spirit Animal?

I have a friend that is known for his ability to assign you a spirit animal and he says mine is a husky.  So, I guess I have to go with that.  I think it makes sense.

If you could own one piece of artwork, no matter the price tag, what would it be?

Ragnar Kjartansson's music installment at the Broad right now would be my top pick!  It's one of the first pieces of art that really blew my mind.  I also am completely amazed by my good friend, Sue Gilg's art work.  She is extremely meticulous and it just boggles my mind, so pretty much anything of hers would be awesome too!

If you could pick a different profession or craft, what might it be?

Probably a dog trainer.  I've seriously thought about it, I love dogs and working with them, it's really fun for me!  Pappy loves learning new tricks, so if I could just train him all day that would be pretty great!

Lastly, if you could have any super power, what would you pick?

To fly, hands down, no need to think about this one!  That would be fantastic!


Thank you to Tiffany for kindly answering my Q's & being so talented. Hope you enjoyed!

Please check out her beautiful work below:


XX, Lily